Social Media and Administrative Assistant

While doing research the 3 ways that businesses are using social media in my intended career field, which is to be an Administrative Assistant, are Linkedin, Pinterest, and Facebook. Because my degree is in the field of administrative assistance, I could only think to look at the ways in which social media would be used by administrative assistants instead of how social media would be used by the industry overall, as administrative assistants don’t belong as a group to one organization. Pinterest has a limited role as a social media outlet for administrative assistants because it is mostly about shared personal interests and not about careers. Facebook is a little better because it is more focused on creating groups, which can be focused on specific things such as a group composed of only professional administrative assistants. Also, if you enter your profession into your personal information on Facebook it will post job ads from companies looking for an administrative assistant on your news feed. I think Linkedin would be the best social media resource. It is made specifically for people who wish to network with other people in their similar career fields. This makes it very easy to discover new opportunities with regard to positions, training programs, or even connecting with completely new people who in turn can lead to connections with just about anyone. Employers can also easily use Linkedin to look for potential new hires, so even if you don’t think you are looking for a new job you might find that someone is looking for you.


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