Product Launch

I chose the iPhone6 as the product I researched for the product launch. Links to the announcement commercial on YouTube, Apple’s tweet concerning the launch, and Apple’s Facebook page, which contains posts related to the launch are above. Since fans of the iPhone and Apple in general tend to be very active on social media, as are many other people, things like tweets and posts and videos are a great way to get the word out about new Apple products. Anything like a new iPhone generates a lot of buzz, and social media is a good place for people to share their thoughts about the product. I think that Apple’s use of social media worked very well, and it all started with uploading the recording of the presentation where they first announced the iPhone6. The social media campaign was effective because it reached out to the exact kind of people who would be likely to buy an iPhone: people who were interested in new technology like smart phones and who are likely to be on social media. This allowed the news and the anticipation to spread quickly.


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