Use of 4C’s at The Cincinnati Eye Institute

The Cincinnati Eye Institute scores low on using Keitzman’s 4 C’s. While CEI did cognize rather well, it might have been that they just created social media accounts to have a presence instead of fully considering which avenues would be best for them. Not being able to tell which it is means that they didn’t do so well.

As far a congruity, I don’t think CEI did a great job. There really hasn’t been an effort to use the specific social media platforms in the most effective way. There is no attempt to drive business, start conversations, or point people towards other CEI social media. It usually stops at presenting a bit of information for people to consider and then forget.

As curators of social media, CEI doesn’t seem to be all that effective. There isn’t an effort to involve CEI in other conversations on social media, besides a few tweets containing hashtags that are most likely not very popular. There might not be anyone concentrating on developing CEI’s social media presence, but rather a few people in marketing who do it on the side.

Because there doesn’t seem to be anyone actively managing and developing CEI’s social media, there wouldn’t be much in the way of Chase from them. There doesn’t look to be much development of the use of the different media, but rather a continuation as is. Since there are no conversations involving CEI, there can be no building upon customer suggestions or issues.

I would recommend that CEI at least hire a full-time social media strategist. Even one person concentrating on it would be better than what they have. I think they would do well to try and begin a dialogue with customers. That way they would be alerted to issues and ideas as they come up and could respond quickly. This might be a challenge, as a large portion of CEI’s clients are elderly, but I think CEI could try and promote services such as eye exams or preventative measures, if only to get people talking. CEI might usually only offer specialty services, but there are many ways to get the word out. Anyone could need CEI at some point, and I think social media would be a great way to advertise that.


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