Honeycomb Analysis of The Cincinnati Eye Institute

The Cincinnati Eye Institute uses social media in the following ways when using the Honeycomb Analysis.

Sharing: The Cincinnati Eye Institute has a Facebook page, on which they share information about what is going on at CEI, events that they sponsor, information about new doctors, etc. Different users don’t really share files or much information between themselves.
Presence: The Cincinnati Eye Institute scores very low in the presence category. The only way users can tell where or if others users are available is through things like Facebook status updates and information pages. CEI doesn’t do anything to help presence on their social media.
Relationships: CEI scores very low in the relationships category as well. The only forms of social media that relationships are really established on would be LinkedIn or Facebook, but this is because of those sites’ functionality, not because of CEI.
Identity: CEI scores average in the identity category. Through social media the ways to show your identity with CEI would be on your Facebook page if listed as your place of employment, and also on LinkedIn as where you work. People that would participate in CEI social media would be unlikely to hide their identity.
Reputation: CEI has a good reputation score with social media, but it all comes from the people that use social media. They will usually have accounts that are labeled with their job title.
Groups: CEI doesn’t really have any groups on social media, but it would not be hard to create groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Conversations: CEI uses social media well in the conversations. Co-workers can find social media a good way to communicate when not at work.

CEI does get credit for having a social media presence, but there is more that it could do to be involved. There is a CEI Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, YouTube, and Google+. However, while CEI shares information on events or news, they don’t do a good job of encouraging their social media users to respond or start conversations. Most of the time it is just a picture with a caption or a brief tweet. Their YouTube account is almost totally made up of commercials or news stories concerning CEI, so their isn’t much room for discussion, especially when they disable the comments section of their uploads.

CEI is about as effective as you might expect for a company that does basically the minimum necessary to achieve a social media presence. I don’t think they gain much fame or attention from social media, but rather make it a bit easier for people already associated with the organization to communicate. I think if they really want to be successful, they should be more active and involved by starting conversations or using social media to organize CEI- sponsored events.

Social Media Sites that CEI is part of:


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