Online Networking

Link to the blog I found and followed on Linkedin:

I have attached the link to the networking blog that I followed and reviewed through Linkedin. I found a blog on Linkedin that was specific to my current job of medical billing. When I found the blog I reviewed the comments that others had made on the blog and made a comment of my own along with a question for someone to answer.

As a networking venue, Linkedin does a great job, which I think is most of why it is so popular. Once you sign up for Linkedin and enter your personal information, this site will search for people who work at the same place, work in the same industry, or who know people that may know you. Linkedin does a lot of connecting work for you, but it also makes it easier for you to do your own connecting, as it presents you constantly with possible connections you could make through the connections you already have. The connections on Linkedin are only made in terms of business and not people you personally know, and this means that anyone from a CEO to a clerk could make connections with anyone linked to them somehow professionally. This can make it easy to begin corresponding with people who may eventually become colleagues or coworkers or who already may be so. Also you have the ability on Linkedin to start a page based on a topic you want to discuss or based on information you need or wish to share. Since Linkedin is good at bringing people together within specific industries, this is a good way to find or distribute relevant information to the people that need it. I myslef linked a conversation that shows this exact thing. The page was a post made my someone who wanted to share what they had learned about developments in a certain coding modifier, which is something I deal with every day, as do may other billers and coders.OayIsymeHUa5DL1W_auTsyq-9NYj6Lm1vRs6skW-eNaz_WPvsJu86ko_SRNAsbPip06f8MWBVJN8ubP_fJezpVda_


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