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If you need another reason to get excited for the holidays… Target and @TOMS are teaming up for a do-good collection launching Nov. 16! With each purchase—cute new styles for your feet, friends or home—a donation will be made to help someone in need. ‪#‎TOMSforTarget‬

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All three of these social media methods are similar in that they can all be used to reach a very large group of people, but they differ in the amount of information contained and the speed at which they can reach their potential customers. While basically anyone in the world with internet access can be subject to these social media, Twitter seems to be the fastest way to reach the most people. However, Twitter is by definition limited to 140 characters, so tweets usually contain much less information than a Facebook post can, and blogs can be a lot longer than those. Facebook posts are slightly slower than tweets, but still can reach billions of people these days. There is no limit to the amount of information contained in a post, and so can be a middle ground between tweets and blogs. Blogs are usually the form of social media that contains the most information, if only because of the amount of content. However, it is usually more difficult to distribute blogs to as many people as Facebook or Twitter, as people usually need to actively visit the websites containing the blogs and blogs are normally focused towards a more specific group of people.

I think choosing the best type of social media for a business depends on the type of business. If the purpose of social media is to advertise or inform as many people as possible, say about a sale that is going on, it would probably be better to post on Facebook or send out a tweet. If a business is more along the lines of an investment group or a company that works based on contracts, a business whose customer base may not be the entire world, a blog might me a better way to go. Using a blog would keep customers, who would be invested and very knowledgeable about the industry, informed as much as possible of the business’ corporate strategy and future plans. Since the customers would already be established, it would not be a problem for them to actively visit the blog to find information.


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